For Those Who Ask

Whether challenges to the Christian Faith come through questions about the origin of life ot matters of morality, the line of demarcation between truth and seductive error can be discovered, because it is located within God's Word. Come and explore the Bible's answers to fundamental questions, such as:

  • Can the Bible be trusted? Isn't it full of errors?

  • What about those who have never heard of Christ - are they lost?

  • Don't all roads lead to heaven? Is Jesus the only way?

  • Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

  • Why do the innocent suffer?

For Those Who Ask is a great introductory apologetics course developed by Dr. Jerry Rueb for anyone who desires to look into the Bible for answers, and for Christians who want to gain confidence in defending their faith.

Facilitator: Dave Newall and Penny Brush

Location: Classroom B