Kid's December Wrap Up


December was quite a month for Cornerstone Kids! We had so many celebrations. 117 kids attended the Happy Birthday Jesus Party with a team of 45 youth and adults that brought a ton of fun and enthusiasm to the afternoon. $5 Gift cards were brought by kids (and volunteers) to be put on a tree and we prayed for six families in need that were going to receive those blessing trees and more.

97 volunteers attended the Kids Volunteer Team Christmas Dinner. Thank you to the Kitchen Team for the amazing Christmas dinner and thanks to the team for the creativity shown during the white elephant gift exchange…no wonder you serve in Kids!

God has blessed us so beyond measure with the growth and vitality of Cornerstone Kids. We thank each Cornerstone member for your prayers which provide us with such support throughout the year.

New Year Blessings!

Debbi Andrews (Mrs. A)