Young Adult Winter Retreat


From Friday, February 2nd to Sunday February 4th, about 30 young adults gathered together in Arrowbear for the annual CCLB Young Adult Retreat. Several groups caravaned up the mountain, including a few last minute arrivals, with the hope that even a few days away from the hum-drum of daily life would be worth it. Some of us came for individual alone time with God, others came with the specific intent of finding strength in fellowship. Whatever the purpose, everyone came back with a renewed sense of devotion towards the Lord.

The schedule was a balanced mix of structure and free time. Between kitchen duty and the group study, there were plenty of options for time spent in fun and fellowship. Competition and humor will always break the ice and games like Phase 10, Catch Phrase, 9-Square, and Spike Ball all facilitated bonding. For those looking for introspection, hiking and scrambling over the giant boulders in the brisk air was fulfilling. Those that chose to drive over the boulders in four-wheel drive vehicles found time for introspection as well…when they got stuck. Even meal-prep and clean-up had a fun element because the whole crew was cooperative and willing to help.

The study for the weekend focused on the letters to the seven churches found in Revelation 2-4. The crew was eager to learn and ready to participate in hashing out true meaning from these potentially confounding passages. Pastor Duane walked us through the distinct components of each letter, and despite the exhaustion of some of the pupils, there was lively discussion, clarity and truth found in the end.

Any retreat has the potential of recharging its participants, but there are key elements to ensuring full success. It wasn’t just the tri-tip dinner or homemade biscuits, the thorough organization of materials and schedule, or even the time with friends that made the trip absolutely worthwhile (although those factors helped!). The like-mindedness of every individual present made it possible for each person to commune and grow in their relationship with God. It was not simply a retreat to the tranquil mountains; it was a retreat into the embrace of our Lord.

– Kimberly Snyder