"Whom Shall I Send? Who Will Go for Us?" - Our Mission


When God Asks the Questions // Isaiah 6:1-8

From The Sermon Series, "Whom Shall I Send? Who Will Go for Us? - Our Mission" The danger of losing God's blessing is not found in the media or pop culture; it is in the church. Isaiah received a vision and a question from God that challenges us today.




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

Everyone appreciates an honest question in the search for truth. However, questions can also reveal more than curiosity. Some questions reveal an open attitude while other expose a closed mind. In our post-modern age, secularists relish throwing questions into the conversation for the sole purpose of undermining someone’s faith in God. What if the tables were suddenly turned and God asked man some questions? What would He ask? Why would God ask it? What would His questions reveal about God and about you? How would you answer?

When God Asks the Questions, explores biblical stories where God poses questions to people like you. Not surprisingly, God’s questions reveal His understanding of the human condition and open us up to think in new ways. Pondering God’s questions will call you to go deeper and learn about yourself, about God and some valuable life lessons. What you learn might just settle some of your biggest doubts.