Commissioned for World Change


5 Events in 50 Days that Forever Changed the World // Matthew 28:18-20

From the sermon series, "5 Events in 50 Days that Forever Changed the World" Jesus' revelation of the Great Commission was the second of 5 events in the 50 days following His death at Passover that mark the greatest era in human history.




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

For too many people, the story of Jesus comes to an abrupt end with the events of the cross and empty tomb.  However, the purpose and meaning of the cross and the resurrection are only known by looking ahead to what was to come. The fifty days that followed the resurrection of Jesus were pivotal in God’s plan to communicate the good news of His redemptive plan to the entire world. Within a span of less than two months, the foundation was laid for a movement that forever changed the world. This series will challenge you to rethink basic issues like your life purpose, what is the gospel, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the church as an institution or a movement.