Trusting God When Society is Hopelessly Lost


Faith Under Fire // Jeremiah 20:7-18

From the sermon series, "Faith Under Fire" What's a Bible-believing Christian in a crumbling society to do when the surrounding culture mocks our values, rejects God's redemptive solution, and presents itself as the only road to progress?




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

Living by faith is not for cowards. The robust life that God calls us to live requires us to trust Him no matter what our feelings might dictate, what circumstances might change or what enemies might threaten us. Trusting God in the face of fiery trials produces wonderful benefits that can be seen through the lives of Bible characters. It was not easy for Bible heroes to trust God, but their faith was proved genuine as they were put through the furnace of trials. Everyone has trials and suffering and everyone has a choice of how they will face them. Suffering is not an option but misery is a choice.