The Title Deed - Who Owns Your Home?


Finding Your Way Back Home // Joshua 24:14-27

From the sermon series, "Finding Your Way Back Home" -- Who owns your home? Not your real estate...your family! Who does your family belong to?




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

Twenty-first century America has lost its way. With staggering speed we have gone from the generation of “Father Knows Best” to a time when fathers are considered irrelevant. Our courts are flooded with lawsuits that attempt to redefine marriage and normalize the absurd. From a moral and spiritual point of view, America is behaving like the panic-stricken person in the desert who sees the car is running out of gas so he speeds up saying, “I don’t know where I am going or if I will get there but I’m making good time.” When God created the world and formed Adam and Eve from the dust of the ground, He purposefully made the family His first human institution. A course correction is necessary for America to survive the current fate of family disintegration. Finding Your Way Back Home fits into the gap between the dangerous road where America is headed and the highway to family happiness that God planned. This series is a spiritual GPS to help you find your way back home.