The Deadly Decision to Turn Back


Surviving the Wilderness // Numbers 14

From the sermon series, "Surviving the Wilderness; the Book of Numbers" -- It is not by accident that we call it the Christian "faith" because faith is at the core and foundation of how we are called to live.




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

Life is not a smooth path through a garden; it is more like a dangerous journey through the desert. Along the way you will experience trials that will test your endurance. And you will face obstacles that threaten to weaken your faith in God and in yourself. You either learn life lessons or you will repeat the same mistakes and remain locked in the wilderness. The Old Testament book of Numbers is the historic saga of how Israel wandered for years in the desert facing the prospects of survival or death. The spiritual lessons they learned there will help you face the trying times of your life with the surprising resources God offers to all who call on Him in faith.