The New Heaven and New Earth


The Everlasting Kingdom of God // Revelation 21:1-8; Isaiah 65:17-19; 2 Peter 3:9-13

From the sermon series, "The Everlasting Kingdom of God" What will life be like in the new heaven and new earth?




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” While the Lord’s Prayer is very familiar to most Christians, there is wide confusion about what Jesus meant by “the kingdom.” Is the kingdom of God just another title for heaven with no relevancy for today? Is the kingdom of God a movement of Christians engaged in political change through social justice? Is the kingdom of God exclusively spiritual and internal? Is there a connection between the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God? Is there a future fulfillment when God’s kingdom will come to earth? This sermon series, The Everlasting Kingdom of God, will help you get through the maze of misinterpretations and questions without getting hopelessly lost. The Bible reveals everything you need to understand our glorious King, His everlasting kingdom and how you fit into it.