The Purpose of the Power of the Spirit


Powered by the Spirit: How to Access the Amazing Life of the Spirit // John 15:26-27; 16:8-15; Acts 1:8

From the sermon series, "Powered Up By The Spirit" In the middle of our quest for inner peace, life purpose, and overcoming power, Jesus promised a presence that would never leave.




By Dr. Jerry Rueb

Jesus made an amazing offer to anyone who comes to Him. He promised that those who believe in Him would experience an empowered life that erupts from within like an artesian spring. It is safe to say that many churchgoing Christians are not enjoying the life Jesus offered His followers. The evidence of this tragedy is the absence of power to live victoriously through challenging times, a lack of love for others and a glaring deficit of joy. This new sermon series will answer these two pressing questions: What is the empowered life Jesus promised? How can we access the life of the Spirit? Get ready to be powered up in a fresh new way!