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Declaring the Good News beyond the boundaries of Cornerstone Church
to establish the Body of Christ where it would not otherwise occur. 





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You don’t have to spend much time at Cornerstone before you realize that we like talking about Jesus and sharing the Good News with those who don’t know him!  The role of Missions is to help the Cornerstone family take this passion and share our faith beyond the walls of the church, particularly in those places where there is no Christian community. 

Cornerstone’s missional efforts focus on evangelism, discipleship, pastoral training and church planting.  This takes place through engaged Cornerstone members and in formal partnerships with individual missionaries, Christian non-profits and global missions organizations.  In this way, we have the honor and privilege to support the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel here, near and far. 

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Local Outreach

Sharing the Gospel and living out our faith is a personal responsibility that begins at home…literally, in our homes and in our neighborhoods.  It then extends into the broader community around us where we work, shop and play.  Each member of Cornerstone Church is encouraged to respond to Jesus’ declaration in Acts 1:8 that we are to serve as witnesses about him wherever God sends us. 

One of the ways we witness corporately is through our area schools, which play an integral role in the development of the rising generation.  For this reason, Cornerstone seeks to offer a Christ-centered presence in area schools through a number of outreach efforts. 

Pre-K through Elementary

Middle and High School

Care for the Homeless



God has also opened many doors for Cornerstone Church to engage in the Great Commission, which calls us to make disciples of all nations.  Internationally, Cornerstone supports several evangelistic ministries and pastoral equipping efforts.  We also seek to empower churches in the 10-40 window to share the Gospel.  We encourage all those who call Cornerstone home to be informed about the following ministries, intercede prayerfully on their behalf and engage as missional opportunities are announced throughout the year.  

Christmas Shoebox Drive

Each year, Cornerstone Church participates in a Christmas Shoebox Drive that supports both Samaritan’s Purse and New Mission, Haiti.  This volunteer-led effort blesses children around the world by providing children with a tangible demonstration of God’s love in the form of a gift box filled with toiletries, school supplies and a toy. 

As shoeboxes are distributed our partners take the opportunity to share the Gospel and offer the greatest Christmas gift possible – a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Luis, a young boy from Panama said, “My favorite items in my shoebox were school supplies.  It meant I could go to school.”

Another young man from Mexico was thrilled to receive his first pair of socks in his shoebox!  Through this ministry countless children hear the Gospel and make a decision for Christ.  Samaritan’s purse then invites the kids to participate in a discipleship curriculum called, “The Greatest Journey.”

The 2019 Christmas Shoebox Drive takes place between October 12 – November 3.  Following each church service, volunteers will be in the court area and on the patio distributing empty boxes and instructions.  If you haven’t participated in the past, it’s simple!  Pick up a shoebox, fill it with items from our suggested donation list and then pray over the shoebox.  Pray for those who will share the Gospel and pray that God uses your gift to open a child’s heart to the Truth.  Return it to the church by November 3 and keep praying! 

Filled shoeboxes may be dropped off (on weekends only) through November 3, 2019.

This Christmas, help us to live out Cornerstone’s Mission as we “LEAD” – Love God, Equip Believers, Answer God’s Call and Declare the Good News beyond the boundaries of Cornerstone Church.


Build a box as a family or get your grandchildren involved! Take advantage of the opportunity to disciple your kids in generosity, prayer and evangelism.


Community Light Mission – Kenya

Faith Radio – Uganda

E3 Partners – Latin America

Elam – Iran 

Mission to Mexico

Netivah – Israel

New Missions – Haiti

Rock of Ages – Southeast Asia

Discipleship/Pastoral Equipping

Children of the Nations – Africa/Latin America

Kale Heywet Church Partnership – Ethiopia

Greater Reach Alliance – Sudan

Greater Reach Inc. – Sudan

Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary – Jordan

Serve India Ministries – Southeast Asia

Teach us to Pray – Fiji


Missionaries:  Cornerstone is blessed to send and support missionaries from our community in places like Thailand, S. Africa, and Papua New Guinea.

For more information on any of these partnerships email


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