Life Under the Sun


What does life look like without God? Would it be worth living? Could purpose and satisfaction be found? Would the everyday pursuits of life lose their luster? In Ecclesiastes, Solomon, the wisest king of the ancient world, analyzes life through the lens of a man “living under the sun” without God. His central observation of life without God is plainly found in the opening lines: “Vanity of vanities! All is Vanity.” From that vantage point, Solomon takes us on a bumpy journey through life to see exactly what life looks like and feels like without God. Fortunately, the book does not end in the dustbin of cynicism. In his closing thoughts, Solomon comes to his senses and develops the positive theme of overcoming the vanities of life by fearing God who is good, just, and sovereign.

In Ecclesiastes, rich lessons for fast-paced 21st century techno rat-racers can be learned. Themes that fill our daily news find their way into this ancient book. Paradoxically, from this 3000 year-old book emerge current issues like wealth, sex, justice, power, ethics, mystery, leadership, pleasure and death. From yesterday’s literature, our times come to life in vivid lessons to be learned. A world of wisdom is locked up waiting discovery in this powerful book of the Bible.