Sermon on the Mount


The Sermon on the Mount is the most famous sermon Jesus ever preached. It derives its name from the place where Jesus preached it; a mountainside that acted as a natural amphitheater along the shores of Galilee. The Sermon on the Mount, preached to ordinary people, covers a wide range of topics like prayer, fasting, money, worry, forgiveness, divorce, sexual lust, judging others and more. But the theme that unites it all is Jesus explaining the heart of God behind the law. It is one of the most challenging biblical texts to interpret properly because the Sermon goes far deeper than promoting external obedience to God’s moral imperatives. Every line of the Sermon on the Mount goes to the heart! 

In a single sentence, the Sermon on the Mount offers a clear understanding of what a blessed life that is pleasing to God looks like on the inside and the outside. What Jesus taught often runs counter to mainstream thinking, but every lesson is brimming with heavenly wisdom and practical instruction that works in real life. In this rare sermon, Jesus opened up the heart of God so that common people like you can live a blessed life that is rewarding, free of hypocrisy and pleasing to God.