The Invisible War

Overcoming the Darkness through Christ’s Complete Victory


Did you know that there is an epic spiritual war aimed at you and those you love? In John 10:10 Jesus unveiled the invisible war and the diabolical mastermind who is behind it when He said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” How wonderful that Jesus came to give you abundant life. But who is that dreaded thief who wants to rob you of your future, your peace of mind, your joy and even your life?  Who is that terrifying thief who works to destroy your marriage, your children, your relationships, your reputation, your zeal for God?  Who could be so evil that he would literally like to kill you?  The answer is Satan, the archenemy of God.

Dr. Jerry Rueb’s series, The Invisible War, brings this hidden spiritual war into high definition clarity. You will learn how evil entered into the world through an angelic rebel named Lucifer.  You will be taken inside the Bible to see Satan’s war plans and how he operates with his demonic hordes.  You will learn how you can guard against his schemes and stand in the victory of Christ’s finished work.

What would you think of someone who suspects that a hardened criminal is planning a break-in but ignores the warnings and foolishly remains unprotected and vulnerable?  Unfortunately, many believers are living in denial, ignorance, and misinformation about Satan and this invisible war, so they are easy targets.  This series will help you put your spiritual armor on and keep it in place to walk in victory and embrace the abundant life Jesus promised.

Our mission in this series: 

  1. Expose Satan for who he is and unveil his subversive war plans. 

  2. Declassify how Satan and his demons operate behind the scenes to defeat us. 

  3. Put the spotlight on Jesus’ complete victory over the entire kingdom of darkness. 

  4. Teach believers how to stay spiritually alert and armed with the defenses that God has provided. 

  5. Enjoy the freedom and abundant life Christ has given.