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Cornerstone's Care Ministry seeks to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ by serving others in times of need.  Our ministry provides meals for families during stressful times; gives prayer support for staff, congregation and missions; makes hospital and home visits; and provides grief assistance as needed



The New Commandment Ministry exists to serve our widows. Cornerstone men care for widows and single mothers by volunteering a few hours of their time each month. A small group of men go to homes and help with a variety of chores, as well as develop spiritual relationships with the women they are serving.

To learn about other ministries for women, click here.



Cornerstone pastors are available to meet with members of the congregation for pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling, spiritual development and matters of personal struggle where prayer and biblical perspectives can be enlightening and encouraging.  Pastoral counseling is offered free of charge on a limited, short term basis.  Please call the church office to make an appointment with one of our pastors.



Cornerstone is blessed to have our own clinically and theologically trained counselor in residence, Doug Tweedy, on staff.  Doug received his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Ministries  from Talbot School of Theology. He has been in group and individual practice since he graduated in 1989. He has also served as a police Chaplin in the city of Cypress, CA. (1995-2005). And is currently the counselor in residence at Cornerstone Church sinc 2015.



This ministry reaches out to those who need a caring and compassionate presence. It includes visitation to those who are in the hospital, those who are on hospice, and those whose physical condition does not allow regular participation in other ministries of Cornerstone Church.



This ministry provides a safe and grace-filled environment for women to openly share the traumatic experiences they have encountered and to find hope and healing through the grace of God’s word.



This ministry temporarily provides meals to those in the church family who are unable to prepare meals due to hospitalization or some other temporary medical condition.